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Massage therapy has been practiced by both Egyptians and Greeks. The practice still continues to this day in many parts of the world. In particular, Thailand offers the best massage in this world – for which tourists flock into their country.
But not everybody can afford to visit Thailand for a massage. Thanks to Science. The advanced technology has opened doors for new innovations and a massage chair with top-notch, upgraded features is the latest addition to it.
A Massage chair comes in different sizes and features to offer a wide variety of massages to relax and rejuvenate your body at the comfort of your home. This invention has become handy to those people who want to experience a good massage.

We take a lot of time in making a decision to buy something that is much needed. So, investing in buying a massage chair is not an easy decision.
Not to worry, we will help you with that. Newly upgraded massage chairs are introduced in the market every now and then, which has made it difficult to select a good massage chair.
There are also some things that you need to know before buying a massage chair. It ranges from affordability to in-depth features that offer you maximum comfort.
So, let us see in this article the things that you need to know before buying a massage chair.


The price charged for different massage chairs varies according to the features offered by the product.

The average cost of a massage chair with all required features can range from $5000 to $12,000.

So, before selecting the massage chair you have to fix your own budget and compare the features of the massage chairs that fall under your budget.

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Due to high competition in the market, manufacturers are providing a lot of features with their massage chairs. Check online about the chairs you can afford and choose chairs that are cost-effective.
But, if you have a budget of less than $1000, then you will have to reconsider your choice as that’s a pretty low budget for a comfortable massage chair.

Different Type of Rollers

The massage chairs usually come with three different tracks, S track, L track, and SL track. At the start, the massage chairs were manufactured with only S track rollers. These rollers would adjust to the curve of your spine and will extend up to the lumbar region targeting the areas in and around the spine.

As technology advanced, the L track was introduced and it has similar features to that of S Track. But it extends up to gluteal muscles thereby targeting both the upper body and half of the lower body.

There’s also a new model released that has a combination of both S and L tracks, many manufacturers claim that SL track rollers can be the best deal for people looking for intense stretching and flexibility experience.

Technological Features

Besides having many advanced massage features, massage chairs also come in with smart technology that lets users have a smooth experience while handling the chair.

With advancements in technology, there are different levels of technological features incorporated in a massage chair. For example, nowadays massage chairs come with touch screens and in-built applications.

Also, another notable feature in massage chairs is the user memory feature. Up to 7 people can record their settings using this feature, this helps in remembering your settings. So, each user can use the massage chair according to their settings.

The details about the body are collected by a body scan chip, which reads the height, width, and breadth of your body and customizes each time a person uses it.
Bluetooth is an additional feature provided in it, it allows you to listen to your favorite music when your body is being massaged. If you have a good budget, then you can consider all these features when selecting your massage chair.

Types of Massages You Require

Many latest model chairs offer different combinations of massages such as deep tissue massage, reflexology, kneading, vibration, rolling. You can choose the chair that has the massage feature you require.

Deep tissue massage targets the deep muscles and connective tissues especially in the neck, shoulder, and lower back areas. This kind of massage is supported by chairs that have 3 Dimensional or 4 Dimensional rollers in it.

Luraco I9 Medical Massage Chair Black

Kneading is similar to that of kneading a dough except that your muscles are lifted and stretched to increase blood flow and drain lymph nodes. Almost all the massage chairs provide kneading options these days.

Vibration plates are attached to the chair to increase blood circulation and provide relaxation. This is also the common feature found in every chair, but some chairs provide vibration only for targeted areas and not for the entire body.

Rollers specifically target the spinal area by traveling back and forth until your muscles are relaxed. This typical feature is also available in chairs with other massage types. 

Different levels of Intensity

There are usually different levels of intensity available such as gentle, medium, strong. We may not go for the same level of intensity every day.

Sometimes we may choose strong intense massage to remove body stiffness or ease our muscle soreness. Other times we would just want to sip a cup of coffee and have a gentle massage in the targeted area to enhance our overall well-being.
All chairs offer adjustable intensity levels, but it differs from model to model as well as with brands. The intensity levels settings can usually be changed with the help of remote control, through which you can adjust the intensity setting according to the body part.
It is also important to note that, different brands have different kinds of intensity levels. So, try the chair by using different intensity levels before purchasing.


When selecting a massage chair, you should also check whether it has features to provide heat treatment to our body.
Treating our body with external heat helps in reducing inflammations, joint pains, arthritis, and also improves blood circulation to parts of our body. While massage can improve the flexibility of our muscles, heat treatment can give us varied benefits.

There are two heat options available, some massage chairs provide heat options for the entire body which could be an added advantage as all the parts get equal attention. Whereas, there are other massage chairs that provide heat options for the lower back or lumbar region.
You could go for the latter one if you want a deep massage on the lower back alone. Otherwise, the first option could be a good choice.


Airbag compression is quite different from kneading and stretching. While kneading and stretching require rollers for the action, airbags inflate and deflate in the targeted area to provide expected results.

This kind of compression, backed up with other massage techniques helps in improving the blood circulation. It also removes body stiffness and also drains the lymph nodes, where the toxins are usually stored.

You can also control the intensity of the airbag compression manually. Some massage chairs also have airbags options that can hold the targeted area firmly and help in squeezing and stretching. Go for an option that provides both airbag compression and rollers as it can give you a good massage experience.


We all have different body physiques, some of us may be short or some of us may be tall. Considering this, massage chair manufacturers manufacture massage chairs with varied height and weight options.

So, before selecting a massage chair, you have to make sure that it rightly fits your height and weight. There are many chairs available in the market with varied size options, so you can narrow down your choice and pick the one that suits you best.
It is also important to note that sufficient space is available at your home to use the massage chair without any hindrance.

Synthetic fiber cover

Initially, almost all massage chairs used genuine leather as their upholstery. But using a leather covering gets worn out in the long run, as heat and vibration are used to damage the material.

So synthetic fabrics were introduced to manufacture the massage chair upholstery these days. Many branded manufacturers also choose synthetic fabrics for their products as they are cost-effective, can withstand heat, and are durable compared to leather.

But here also it is according to your preference, some of you may prefer leather models. So, when buying a massage chair, find out the upholstery material of the massage chair.

Zero gravity reclining

Many manufacturers incorporate the “weightless concept” to the massage chairs and call it zero gravity reclining.
The weightless concept was developed by NASA based on the weightlessness in zero gravity space. You may wonder how the weightless concept is related to a massage chair.
There’s science behind everything. Zero gravity reclining facility in massage chairs allows you to elevate your knee above your heart level.
This ensures that the pressure is taken off from the spine, thereby lowering the heart rate, improving blood circulation, and also helps in reducing stress levels.
Top model chairs come with this facility and it allows you to control the reclining option with a single button.
By far, this method is one of the best features available in a massage chair as the zero-gravity feature offers many kinds of benefits to our body. So, do remember this feature when you consider buying a massage chair.

Now that you know the 10 most important things to look for when you buy a chair, you could narrow down your search based on these and get the right one for you.