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There are several kinds of chairs available in the market for your home, parlor, office or for your workplace. Since there are many options available in the market right now, it has become very difficult to choose the best chair.

So, if you are one of those people who are searching for a good tattoo chair, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the top 5 tattoo chairs with the latest technology and features.

These tattoo chairs are chosen based on important features such as the right seat, adjustable and removable features, configurable from many angles, and other important specifications. You can choose the best one with respect to your needs.

Facial Beauty Bed Medical Aesthetic Tattoo Procedure Bed by Dir Group

The facial beauty bed aesthetic tattoo chair from the Dir group stands out with its high-density memory foam and high-grade faux leather. This will provide you long-lasting durability and flexibility in usage.

It feels really comfortable and it is also easy to handle, with its foldable features at the same time. The design and color is good and it comes with removable and adjustable settings of its parts.

It is available in both white and black colors. This gives it a desirable look and aesthetically appealing.


Design and Structure: It has a steel frame structure with dual electro-hydraulic motor for height and reclining backrest adjustments. The sleek & stylish design is available in both white and black colors and it will be a perfect choice for your home.

Durability: It is made up of rich density memory foam and high-quality grade faux leather and gives you a good level of comfort and long durability.

Easy set up: It is easy to set up and it also has removable arms for easy handling. Both its hand remote and foot remote are included with the product.

You can also use the headrest with a breathing hole system that is included with the height pillow option or flat-surfaced option.

Height Adjustment: Its hand and foot remote can electronically adjust the height of the bed with the lowest position up to 25 inches and the highest position of up to 35 inches.

A paper roll holder is available with dual headrests for all types and procedures.

Leg rest extension: The facial beauty bed comes with an adjustable and removal leg rest extension. This provides an extended length for the bed.

Reclining Backrest with adjustable leg rest: This product also comes with a manually adjustable leg rest and backrest.

Many other positions are electronically controlled by hand or by using the foot remote. When you’re in a flat position the arm folds and extends to its largest extension.


  • This facial beauty bed tattoo chair has a power requirement of up to 110 V.
  • It has an adjustable leg rest extension that can be used to set the bed according to your height.
  • You can use this chair for medical or aesthetic purposes such as filler, micro-needling, facials, makeup, or foot pedaling. This chair can also be used for multi-tasking.


  • The up and down function of the table is a bit slow when compared to other adjustable settings.
  • This chair is heavier when compared to chairs with similar price tags.

FDS Beauty Salon Chair

The FDS Tattoo Chair is the favorite choice for salon usage and with the brand-new high-quality chair made up of a strong steel frame. The sleek and stylish design with black color looks autonomously great. The luxurious bed with a tubular steel frame and has a load-carrying capacity of up to 150 kg should be an ideal chair for your parlor and home.


  • Design and Dimension; It has black master chair with dimensions 30 x 6 x 42.2 cm with foot cushion dimensions 26.2 x 21 x 44 cm. The product material is made of pure PU + stainless steel with gross weight 36 kg.
  • Adjustable foot and back part; It has different adjustable offerings for a comfortable posture for yourself such as foot and back part.
  • Removable head paddling; The chair is designed with removal head paddling and back section with the face cut out keeping in consideration your different moods and environments.
  • Armrests are demountable.
  • The product has chrome effect hinges and fittings.
  • It provides you a fully upholstered, luxury massage bed with matching sturdy, an adjustable rubber ft 8 positions, sprung head and backrest along with leg and footrest.


  • The FDS beauty salon chair balances massage tattoo facial couch bed with a stool that you can use for multiple purposes and is very beneficial for you and your customers, friends, and family members.
  • The adjustable foot and back part will let you relax on the chair while taking a nap, having a facial massage to stretch all your body parts such as your foot, hand, and be relaxed on the chair closing your eyes.
  • You will be provided a stool, a massage table along with the product which can be useful for you in your household stuff also.


  • The weight of the product is not that light to carry it anywhere like on a picnic, fun activity, or camping purpose.
  • It may not be more reliable and comfortable for old age people.

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

The artist hand barber chair is a high-quality chair that provides the best salon, beauty, barber, and spa chair which is easy to clean and use. It has high-density sponge seats that give you a funky feeling. It is really comfortable and enjoyable at the same time with its premium quality fabric and leather goods product.


  • 360-degree swivel; The chair has a 360-degree swivel with a lock and 135-degree reclining angle. This specification can be fixed at any angle or direction of your choice.
  •  The backrest stitching technology; The backrest can be easily adjusted to multiple positions by a gas piston lock & release mechanism with excellent stitching technology.
  • It is good for shaving, hair spa.
  • Design; With its exquisite design made of high-density sponge, adjustable headrest, and premium steel frame along with high-class foot pump.
  • It has a heavy-duty hydraulic pump that makes height adjustment easier with chrome base technology.
  • Pinpoint adjustable with locking headrest.


  • The chair provides you with another level of comfort with its sponge paddling.
  • It works well in adjusting and going up and down.
  • It is super easy to assemble with its perfect size, color, stylish look, and fine quality.


  • The installation process may take time.
  • The sturdiness of the chair is quite ok.

InkBed Patented Adjustable Ergonomic Chair Stool

The InkBed Patented Armrest height adjustable ergonomic chair is the most revolutionary ergonomic chair. The Inkbed design is a collaborative effort to provide the best mobility and comfort to the people who are going to use it. It is truly innovative and has a fully adjustable fold-down wing and many other amazing features based on the latest technology.

Features related to Inkbed Ergonomic Chair

  • Technology and Design; It has many extensive features based on the latest technology with several tattoo artist’s efforts that reflect in its comfort level and straddle work mode. It can be set at 15 different angles with backrest height and chair height.
  • Adjustable backrest and configuration; The chair comes with fully adjustable fold-down wing armrests which can be set in 15 different directions. It is configurable to the half-length elbow rests and even be removed completely.
  • The adjustable headrest is also removable to clear up additional working angles.
  • Straddle Work Mode; The straddle work mode allows you to straddle the Inkstool and convert the backrest into an entirely modular and adjustable ergonomic chest rest.
  • The backrest height is adjustable up to 9.5 inches – 18.5 inches and chair height up to 23 inches – 28 inches.
  • The Inkstool design looks very elegant and made with so many techniques and provides you an overwhelming comfort with its mobility and easy set up.
  •  The arms are adjustable in 15 ways with dimensions 8. 07 x 3 inches.
  • The seat dimension is 17.5 x 18.5 x 6 inches with wheel base diameter up to 26 inches.


  • It has been tested and can support 300 lbs which is a great deal for different kinds of people having different body types.
  • It has extra-wide seat for the maximum level of comfort and reliable stability.
  • The fold-down arm wings has 3 thick foam with the finest quality foam.


  • The shipping process is a little slow.
  • The accessible tools with hardware shall not be provided with any extra equipment.


Though you have these options with their features, pros and cons listed above for you to decide and choose the one which is suitable for you. Apart from their features and technology, it depends on a person’s own requirement and needs to find the correct tattoo chair for their benefit.  These are all good chairs made with quality material and easily accessible products for everybody and have reliable durability.