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The 4D technology of Bodyfriend 4D full body massage chair with zero gravity keeps you relaxed. It helps in relieving stress and muscle tension. It promotes blood circulation in your body that will help you in many unseen ways. It’s amazing brown color and absolutely stunning design will bring elegance to your house and will provide numerous health benefits.


  • Design and technology: It has multiple airbags with luxurious look designed with vertical movable wheels. The innovative 4D massage with LBF-750 high technology inspired by the first-class seating on the airplane. It has multi LED that provides the pattern lighting according to your needs. It is made up of leather, iron with dimensions 120×76.5×72.5 cm.
  • Multi Interface; The design resembles an easy left/right inner key control that you can relate to a super car with rollers, airbags, body massage with warmth that itself recognizes the individual body shape to provide specific body massage.
  • The multi-sound; It has woofer virtual 5.1 channel sound with 8 speakers. It also comes up with a Bluetooth, USB, AUX support.
  • It has four-wheel drive smart massage hands designed with different methods of massage such as kneading, flapping.
  • Customizable speeds and sensors; It has automatic location set with characterized auto massage function. The upper body massage has 3 options i.e. fixed, partial and overall massage with 5 levels of speed adjustable settings.


  • The exceptional design will provide you more strength on adjustments. The ability of the 4D massage chair to adjust roller speed is much effective.
  • The product gives you 1-year On-Site warranty.
  • It has automatic scan that will detect different height persons and can even scan your full body to adjust the rollers to provide the best possible massage that will heal your all your body parts.
  • It has different airbags in all parts of the chair to give you different body massage like back massage, foot massage, neck massage and head massage.
  • An automatic program has been designed for the speed up and slower down process at different points and hence enhancing the high intensity of the roller.
  • It has super long SL track of 1450mm with zero gravity heavy duty chair. It will be used by everyone of any age having body pain issues and low blood circulation.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It is not that light to carry easily for picnic purposes.
  • You will be provided only two boxes.


This fantastic well-designed chair with its innovative features can be used for therapeutic usage at your home provides you with good level of comforts and help you relax.

You can comfortably sit on the chair and read your favorite book or can even do any work without getting disturbed and also have the pleasure of massage altogether.