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Massage chairs became a common piece of furniture in most of the households. It can offer wide range of benefits such as relaxing our body, relieving our stress, and releasing the knots in our tensed muscles and tissues after a long day at work.

Massage chairs are a great substitute to the masseurs because not everybody can fix an appointment with them and visit the spa. Besides, full body massages are quite expensive in many premium spas. In that case, massage chairs are just one time investment and you can use it conveniently for years.

But just like any other electrical appliances, massage chairs go through wear and tear too. It is quite common. But sometimes, such issues can get on your nerves especially when you return home from work and switch on the massage chair to relax only to find that it is no longer working. In most cases you can repair the troubles and use it again instantly.

There are some issues which cannot be fixed and you may have to buy a new chair. But before doing that, do a thorough research on the Internet and then contact the manufacturer. This article will cover some of the issues that occur with the massage chairs and ways to fix them at home.

Some Of The Common Problems that Occur in Massage Chairs

It is important to find the root causes of the issues before arriving at a decision. In order to understand the mechanism of your massage chair, go through the mechanism booklet that has been given along with the massage.

Read the functions of each part so that you can easily spot the problem. You can also find information on online resources that are specific to your chair.

Massage Chairs Making Clicking Noise

This the most common problem you would come across when using a massage chair that needs a repair. The clicking or popping noise usually comes from the damaged scissors inside the massage chairs.

Scissors are the jointed metals that let the mechanism of the chair run properly and smoothly. The screws that hold the metals could become loose due to wear and tear or too much of pressure.

Dents or Crooked look on Your Massage Chair

Dents could appear on any part of your chair at any given time. It could even appear due to the improper packing or mishandling of your package. So, as soon as you get the package, check for any dents.

If you find one, contact the delivery company or the manufacturer of the massage chair and claim another chair using the warranty or guarantee card. If your seat looks crooked and imbalanced, this could be due to the overuse or wear and tear. It usually happens if more than one person uses the chair.

Motor runs But the Mechanism Doesn’t Move

Sometimes the mechanism of the massage chair doesn’t function even if the motor runs properly. This could be due to the small space where the massage chair is squeezed in.

If you try to lean on your chair to a zero gravity level or just lean to 110 degrees near the wall, the wall might act as a barrier and prevent the mechanism from functioning properly. Due to such stress inside the chair, the T bar could easily be damaged or disconnected and the scissors become bent.

Airbags Don’t Inflate

Airbags in the massage chairs create inflating and deflating motion to increase the blood flow and relax the muscles in targeted body parts. Some massage chairs come with more than 50 airbags. One or two of those massage bags may fail to inflate. That problem could have come due to broken or disconnected air pump that is attached to each airbags.

The Massage Chair doesn’t Start

Usually the massage chairs have a fuse and power button to turn it on and off. It can start only if there is a stable electric supply.

So, check if there’s a proper electric connection at your home. Frequent power fluctuations (high voltage and low voltage) can also prevent the chair from starting. Sometimes, broken or lose power buttons or fuse can also cause such problem.

Remote Doesn’t Work

Remote control in the massage chair gives you options to adjust the level of intensity, change massage programs, and adjust the vibration and heat.

If it stops working it would be difficult to use the massage chair. Just like any other remotes, it may have stopped working due to wear and tear, damaged plug, and damaged electric circuit that connects the chair and the remote. If it is a touch screen remote type, the remote would have stopped working due to broken display or if it comes in contact with the water.

Damaged Cord

Cords connect the massage chair and the plug point on the switch board. There is also a cord that connects remote to the massage chair. If either of the cord is damaged, it can result in malfunction of the connected devices.

Motor Doesn’t Make Sound

Some massage chairs have noise cancellation technology; such chairs don’t produce any noise while using the chair.

But if your motor usually makes noise and stops making noise suddenly, then there could be some problem inside the chair. It could be due to the upholstery material stuck in the motor or a part of a motor might have been damaged.

Stained or Torn Upholstery

Leather, faux leather, and polyurethane are some of the upholstery materials used in massage chairs. These are soft and durable.

But it is still subject to getting torn or stained due to continuous and careless usage. It’s unavoidable. You can easily spot the torn or stained part in the outer layer of the chair.

Damaged 2D/3D Rollers

The 2D or 3D rollers are present in the backrest area of the massage area. It focuses on massaging the entire back area by rhythmically moving up and down and from side to side.

There’s a vertical spring-like metal rod which facilitates the movement of the rollers and ensures the rollers go smoothly go up and down.

Too much pressure on the rod could bend it and prevent the rollers from moving properly. Sometimes the rollers may also be damaged due to wear and tear.

Finding Massage Chair Parts

While it is easy to do some repairs at your home, it is important to find the right kind of chair parts for your massage chairs.

Always replace the original broken parts with the parts you got from the manufacturers of that chair. If you cannot find the parts for the discontinued or old model for your massage chair, contact the manufacturers and see if they can offer some other solution.

Never try to order the parts from online websites. Such products don’t come with any guarantee. Those parts may fit, but it can cause damages to your chair, which will eventually affects you.

If you don’t get lucky in trying out both the options, there’s nothing much you can do than to replace the chair using the warranty card.

Contact the retailer and check if you can exchange the massage chair for a new one.

How to fix the Issues?

You can easily fix your massage chairs at home. Here are some tips:

Nuts and Screws in the Scissors

Nuts and screws are the main ones that hold the metals together in the massage chair. Remove the outer layer of the chair carefully.

Look for the parts where the clicking or popping noise is excessive, and tighten the screws in those scissors. If the screws are intact and you still hear noise, you need to replace the scissors with the new original one.

Fixing the Crooked Areas of your Massage Seat Pad

If the foam inside the massage chairs doesn’t retain its shape anymore, you can replace the foam.

T-bar and Scissors

If the T-bar and scissors are disconnected due to pressure, you can re-connect the T-bar and scissors. If it still doesn’t work well, you need to replace the whole part.

Air Pumps and Motors Inflate Airbags

Air pumps play an important role in sending air to the airbags. If your chair has more than 50 airbags, find the faulty one first.

It is not easy to spot the air pump of that particular airbag. Try connecting the disconnected air pumps and also check for any leaks. The pumps with leaks have to be replaced.

Ensure Proper Power Connection

Fluctuations in power can cause serious problem to your chair. Check the power unit at your home and use some fail-safe measurements such as voltage regulators, surge protectors, and power strips.

These things protect your unit’s circuit. Since this is related to electricity, there are chances of getting electrocuted if you are not familiar with such stuff. So it is better to hire a professional electrician and fix these issues.

Fix the Fuses

Fuses are present in all the massage chairs to protect the chair from electrical damages. If the fuses are burnt, your chair may not start at all.

Such being the case, check for the fuses first. You can find the fuse between the power button and the plug in point in the massage chair.

Remove the plug first, now you will have enough space to use the screwdriver to remove the fuse that lies next to it. Replace the fuse, if it is damaged. The fuse may lie in different place in different massage chairs. So it is always better to go through the manual instructions that come along with the massage chair.

Reset Your Massage Chair

Resetting the electrical gadgets every now and then is necessary for the gadget to work properly. You have to follow the same method even with the massage chairs. Rebooting can solve a lot of issues within the massage chair.

You can easily reset your massage chair by plugging and unplugging the power cord that connects the chair and the plug point in your house.

It turns off your massage chair and turn it on again. But sometimes, certain massage chairs will need more than plugging and unplugging to reset it.

For such chairs, there’s a reset option in the remote. For some chairs, you should long press the kneading button and tapping button to reset the chair. These options may not work for your chair model, so always check the manual instruction.

Wires and Conductors

This is the common solution if your back rest massager, or vibrator doesn’t work. Remove the back up and check all the wires and the connectors.

In particular, check the wires that are in corners as they are subject to chafing, cuts, kinks, and other damages. If you find the faulty wire or connector, try to tight the wires that are loose. Completely damaged wires have to be replaced.

Fixing Remote Control

If the LED lights in the remote doesn’t turn on when you use the remote, it is a sign that you have to replace the remote. If not, you can also remove the connector that connects the chair and the remote and replace the electric connector with a new one.

Try this method first before going for a new remote control. In case of smart remote control, you have to check the display screen or contact the manufacturer regarding the problem.

Replacing the Main Motors
Sometimes the main motor which runs the entire mechanism may get faulty. Try fixing it, if it still doesn’t work, you should replace the motor.

Call a Repair Technician

DIY technique may not work out always. Some issues can be quite complicated and may involve difficult process. For example, replacing the heat coil or electric wire may be dangerous. Also, fixing the rollers is not easy.

An elderly person or person with disability cannot do it. So it is better to hire someone who is an expert in doing the repairs. If not, you can also call contact the manufacturer and check the places where your massage chair would be repaired.

Usually the details of those places are given in the warranty card. You can also contact the local electrical shop and check if they can service your massage chair. There’s also an option to repair the massage chair by shipping it to the manufacturer directly. But shipping the chair to a different place for repair is expensive.

How do you know if you have to buy a new chair?

Sometimes replacing the parts or fixing the parts may not help you. It can be an expensive mistake if you replace and the chair doesn’t work. So, you need to identify if your chair can be fixed or if you should buy a new chair. 

Cannot find the Replacement Parts

Certain manufacturers would discontinue producing the model after sometime. If that is the case, you cannot find the original replacement parts. It is not advisable to order replacement parts from Amazon or Ebay, it can damage the entire chair. So, it is better to buy a new chair.

If the Issue Repeats
If the issue repeats even after replacing or fixing it many times, it would be a waste to money and time to repair it again. Instead of spending for repeated repairs, you can invest your money in buying a new massage chair.

Changing the Upholstery Material

Changing the upholstery material may be a bit expensive, especially if the material is leather. You have to find the leather material, give the chair to a person who can remove the old material and put on new one, and deliver it back to you.

The process would be time consuming. Even if you replace it on your own, there’s no guarantee that it can last long. Choose a new chair instead of changing the upholstery material.


It is important to ensure that you don’t overuse the massage chair. You can use it only for 15 minutes. Some chairs can be used for over 40 minutes.

But it is important to give break to the system. Continued usage by different family members may subject the chair to wear and tear. If you use damaged chairs for a long time, it will do more harm than good. Buy a new chair that has advanced features and strong internal framework.


Fixing the massage chairs is easy provided if the issues are fixable at home. You just need to understand the mechanism of you chair. Each massage chair has different mechanism. So what works best for some chair may not work for yours.

Always refer the manual instructions to do any fixing works. If you still find it difficult to do on your own, seek the professional help. Even after replacing the parts, if you face any issues, buy a new massage chair.