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Low cost recliner chairs are the next best option to the massage chairs as it can give comfort and unwind the stress of our body. Unlike massage chairs, these chairs don’t come with massaging features but its ergonomic design is a major advantage.

If you are looking to buy a recliner chair for everyday use, you would have come across FDW brand that is well-known for selling comfortable recliner chairs in the market.

This article will focus on the features of FDW Wingback Recliner chair – a chair that resembles a theatre chair. Theatre chairs are super comfortable and expensive. Buying such a chair in the market would empty our bank account. So FDW’s recliner chair comes with a promising features of theatre chair to make your sitting comfortable and relaxing.


The recliner chair developed by FDW comes with a lot of features.

Recline Adjustments

Reclining option is provided to comfortably rest your back while reading, watching T.V, or taking a nap. FDW chair also comes with three reclining options i.e. 90 degree, 120 degree, and 160 degree.

Along with the pushback option, you also have foot recliner option. This dual extension feature lets you comfortably rest your feet and your body after a long day at work. There is no lever option available to control the reclining position of the backrest and the footrest.

When you push back the backrest, the footrest will automatically pop out to provide support to your legs. In case you don’t need the footrest, you can always push it to its original position.

The quality steel used for the backrest ensures that the chair is sturdy. If you have a home theatre at home and you want a theatre chair that goes along with it, then you need to buy FDW recline chairs. It gives you a feeling as if you are in theatre.


We all like varieties when it comes to color. Bright colors are more appealing than the dull colors such as grey, white, and black.

Most of the recliner chairs are not available in different colors. But FDW chair is available in white, black, blue, brown, fabric beige, grey, orange, and tan.

These colors add extra elegance to your living room or bed room or your office. You can pick any color that suits your home and consider this as a décor to your home.

Easy to Install

If assembling the chair takes more than 10 minutes and is more complicated, it can be annoying. But this chair doesn’t take more than two minutes to install the entire thing.

The backrest area of the chair comes separated in the packed box. All you have to do is install the backrest to the base of the chair and you are good to go. You don’t need any special tool to assemble this chair. Once done with it, you have to screw all the legs of the chair.

Sunlight Resistant

Most of the chairs when continually exposed to sunlight become dull and withered. This takes away grandeur look of the chair. In order to prevent such damages, the manufacturers of this chair used Polyurethane as its upholstery material.

Polyurethane is an artificial leather that is made out of plastic. It is 100% synthetic and is used in making bags, couches, and products. This is a cheap substitute to the pure leather – as pure leather is usually expensive.

The sunlight resistance nature of this material is the reason why it is used by many car manufacturers to cover the car seat. This material is subject to damages but it can be the best option next to the leather.

Easy To Clean

The major benefit of PU leather is that you can easily clean it. Nobody likes when it takes huge effort to clean the chair. Simple and easy cleaning chairs are most welcome by customers. Fortunately, the PU material used in this chair is more breathable compared to the other upholstery materials. You can use water to wipe the chair. The leather may become soft over the time, but PU material remains same even for a long period of time.

Sophisticated Design

The design of the chair is crafted expertly to make it look more sleek and modern. This sophisticated design adds grandeur to your living room or bed room. This can also be used in offices and workplaces to add elegance to the work environment. You can choose the color you want to make things more attractive.

Armrest Area

The armrest of FDW chair is curvy and slightly broad. It is highly comfortable to rest your hand.

Solid Wood

The legs and frame of this chair is made up of solid hardwood. It maintains the stability and durability of the chair so that it isn’t subject to easy breakage or wear and tear.

Comfortable Paddings

Paddings are usually added to provide extra support to the seating. This ensures that the person sitting on it feels comfortable even after sitting for long time. The comfortable paddings are meant to promote healthy sitting position.


Item Weight – 58 pounds

Weight Limit – 275 pounds

Dimensions – 34″D x 27″W x 39.8″H

Upholstery – Polyurethane

Purpose – office, living room, and bedroom


  • It is affordable.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • The product is shipped to all over the world.
  • FDW chair is easy to install.
  • It has three reclining positions.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Highly sophisticated design.


  • The footrest reclines drops on its own.
  • The reclining mechanism can damage the floor.
  • PU material may tear easily depending on the usage.
  • Armrest is not so firm.

Is FDW Chair worth the Investment?

There are many reviews for this chair on Amazon and other online e-commerce sites. Many people have appreciated the comfort it provides for the rate charged. One of the reviews said “Honestly, the perfect home theatre chair and the price is a steal.”

There were other reviews such as “For someone like me, who’s on disability and who has serious back issues, this chair is absolutely perfect. I can’t afford a huge fancy leather recliner, but this is the next best thing.”

Some negative reviews also mention about their difficulty in assembling the chair. Nevertheless, this chair is worth an investment if you are looking for a chair that serves its purpose by making your feel comfortable.