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Recliners have been in existence for quite some time now. People always look for a seating that makes them comfortable. Next to beds, recliners are used in most of the households in US. Recliners are ergonomically designed to fit the anthropometric measurements of the body.

It should support your lumbar region, align with the curve of your back, and be strong enough to support the weight of your body. The adjustability feature of the backrest lets you take a nap, work, watch T.V, and read a book.

Ideally, the recliners are meant to relax your body and take your stress away after a tiring day. There are many people who spend a lot of their time in the recliners, and some reclining chairs even provide basic massaging options to enhance their relaxation.

In addition to relaxing your body and making you feel comfortable, low cost recliners are also crafted with elegance and perfection. You could add it in your bed room, living room, patio, office, reception area, and café. It complements with your home décor perfectly.

Source: Recliner Chair

Reasons why Recliners Becomes Uncomfortable

Recliners are the best by all means. It is the best when compared to ordinary non-ergonomic chairs. But do recliners provide comfort all the time? The answer is a simple no. Recliners functions really well for the first few years.

But after some time, just like any other products, they are subject to wear and tear. This usually affects the parts of the chair but not the entire chair. That is when, you will start feeling uncomfortable to use it.

You may start experiencing back pain; something else may hurt you; you can’t sleep well like you used to etc. When you experience such difficulties, it is better to check the parts of the chair. Check the below points to see where the trouble is.

Lumbar support gets worn Out

Lumbar support in your chair is quite important because it helps taking off the pressure from your spine when you are in a sitting position.

Recliner chair gives much importance to supporting lumbar region by adding high density foam to that area. Due to prolonged usage, wear and tear, the lumbar support gets worn out. Such chairs do not provide enough support to your back.

If you keep using it for a long time, you may end up having a lower back pain.

Sponge Becomes Less Firm

Almost all the recliner chairs use high density sponge to make your seating comfortable. They use two kinds of sponge. For the seating, hard and firm sponge is used, but for the backrest and armrest, soft and firm sponge is used.

Over usage will take away the firmness of the sponge. It can make you uncomfortable to sit for a long time.

Tension Spring gets Damaged

Tension springs are attached to the backrest and footrest area to let you comfortably adjust your leaning position.

But if the coil in the tension spring becomes pretty flexible or too hard, the recliners will sink immediately and won’t stay in a position and gives you much difficulty to adjust. Additionally, the chair may also sag in certain areas making the chair less balanced.

Lever Breaks

Lever or adjusting knob is probably the first thing that break when you use a recliner for an extended period. This makes you lose control over the adjusting the position of the recliner.

To Make Recliners more Comfortable

Replacing recliner chairs may be pretty expensive. So there are a few DIY options to make your recliner more comfortable.

Usually, you don’t have to spend a lot of amount for it. Just find the appropriate substitute for the chair, and you can fix your chair easily.

In case, you still have any difficulties in doing all by yourself, seek the help of the professional.

Buy External Lumbar Supporting Cushion

If your lumbar support is completely worn out and there is no way to modify it, you will have to go for external lumbar support cushions.

There are two types of lumbar cushions available in market. One is just a block of foam with a hole in the middle, which perfectly fits your curve of your spine. The other type is a long pillow with straps at the edges of the both sides.

You can easily attach the straps around the chair to prevent the pillow from falling.

Replace the Sponge

Firstly, always buy a chair that is filled with high density durable sponge. If you can’t afford such chairs, you can always replace the sponge inside the chair.

Measure the dimensions of the chair and give the correct measurements to the cushion maker.

Ensure to buy a high quality sponge that lasts long. Some recliners have zipper available in it so that you can easily open it and replace the old one.

If not, you can always use a seam ripper to remove the stitches, put in the new sponge and make a zigzag stitch to prevent it from tearing.

Replace Tension Springs

To replace the tension springs, you need to turn your chair upside down to spot the springs in the frame. Once you find it, remove it carefully from both the ends that it is attached to. Use pliers to pull out at the one end, and you can easily remove the other side.

Look for springs with same measurement and attach the hook of the spring to the frame by stretching the hook to one side. Be careful when you remove and replace the springs, sometimes it may bounce back if not held properly.

Install a New Lever

Finding the appropriate new lever could be a difficult task. Nevertheless, it is less expensive when compared to buying a new chair.

With simple tools such as screwdriver, you can remove the set of screws and the escutcheon. Replace the lever that comes along with new escutcheon and screw it back the same way.

Attach a Footrest and Armrest

Some chairs don’t come with footrest recliners. In such case, you can buy an ottoman which is less expensive compared to the chair.

Secondly, you can also find a correct stool, or Styrofoam and make your own footrest for the chair. If the armrests aren’t comfortable enough, buy a new armrest cushion to give an extra support. 

Add Neck Supporting Cushion

Not all chairs can accommodate people of different heights. If you are too short or too tall for the chair, you may have a neck pain as your neck isn’t properly supported. You can buy a memory foam neck supporting pillow with straps or a travel pillow which is lightweight and suitable for short people.

Adjust your Recliner Properly

Even if all the things works fine, if you don’t adjust the recliner properly, you may end up feeling uncomfortable.

If you are someone tall, recline the backrest and increase the tension of the chair. You can easily decrease or increase the tension by leaning back on the recliner. Find the angle that is perfect and fix the position.

Also, adjust the footrest recliner when you adjust the backrest recliner; this keeps your entire body balanced.


It is very easy to make your recliners comfortable. All you need is some tools and correct substitute of your old parts. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do it.

On the whole, these easy-to-do methods are much less expensive than buying a new recliner. But even after replacing the parts, if you feel uncomfortable, you can seek the professional’s help or buy a new chair.