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Japanese technology is well-known for its quality and authenticity. Their products have features that surpass the features of other products in the same price range. Massage chairs are prominent everywhere. People all over the world use massage chairs because it provides good massage at the comfort of their home.

Many manufacturers are competing to design and produce massage chairs by incorporating new and advanced features. This paves the way for innovation in technology.

Inada, specifically designs massage chairs to meet the expectations of the customers. They have been manufacturing massage chairs since 1962. They use the blend of ancient massage techniques and modern technology to give best massage experience.

 If you are looking for a top-notch, high-end massage chairs outside of US manufacturing, then Inada is your ideal brand.

You can find this brand’s chair their online store. The in-built features in the Inada robo massage chair uses advanced AI technology to provide massages that are equivalent to massages given by the human hands.

What are the major advanced features in this chair? What makes it costlier than other chairs? You may have questions such as that. This article focuses on everything about Inada robo massage chair. After reading this article, you can make an informed decision about investing your money for this product.


4D Massage Rollers

We have heard about 2D massage rollers and 3D massage rollers, but Inada uses 4D massage rollers, which is the latest version of rollers available in the market.

The 3-dimensional rollers go up and down, side to side, and in-out. The 4D massage chairs perform the same functions but it goes a bit extra and increases its speed and intensity based on the tension in the back muscles.

Unlike 3D rollers, you don’t have to manually operate the rollers to increase its speed and intensity at the specified area. It detects the pressurized areas and focuses on that particular ares until the tension is released.

This 4D rollers cover the entire back area i.e. from upper neck to spine region. It reaches deep inside your muscle and tissues and provide massage that mimics human hands. Inada uses this advanced technology to helps its customer experience a world class massage that can alleviate back problems.

AI Technology

We all are well aware of invention of AI, which has made the lives of humans much easier. Almost every gadget uses AI technology to enhance their user interface experience.

Alexa, Siri, Google, and Bixby are some of the popular AI technologies used by top companies in the world. Inada, a massage chair manufacturer has gone a step ahead and incorporated AI in the massage chair.

It is one of the few brands that uses AI technology. This Artificial Intelligence technology recognizes the tension and stress in the body and provides in-depth massage in that particular area until the tension or stress is released.

Once the tension is released, it goes back to normal massaging mode. This comprehensive feature helps people with fatigue to experience a complete relaxation without having to control everything manually.


There are 112 airbags in this massage chair. The primary function of massage chair is to inflate and deflate in specific areas to create compression that can further deepen the massage and increase the blood circulation.

The airbags are located almost everywhere in the chair i.e. in shoulders, arms, waist, pelvis, calves, feet, and hands areas. In that, there are 38 airbags in the arm area, 20 airbags in the calves section, and 54 airbags in the feet area. Along with other features, these airbags can relieve the accumulated stress and provide instant relief. 

Facial Recognition

This is another cool feature present in this massage chair. The advanced technology recognizes your face. Once it detects your facial feature, it registers your face so that you can automatically login when you use the chair next time.

You can also login by clicking the registered user name. The chair doesn’t use body scan feature to provide massages that are specific to you, facial recognition does that job. This chair also allows more than one user to use the facial recognition feature. Apart from the original user, the rest of the users are stored under the name ‘Guest’.

Touch Screen Tablet

Everything that you want to control about this chair is at your fingertip. The touch screen tablet has all massage settings in it which can be customized by the user.

It has speed and intensity controls, 22 automatic massage modes, and other advanced options that makes this touch screen control user-friendly. The facial recognition is also embedded in it.

S-Track Design

S track is a basic model design that is used in most of the chairs. There are other track designs such as L, and SL. The L track follows the curve of your spine but extends up to gluteal region. The S track also best follows the natural curve of your spine and covers the upper neck to lower spine or lumbar region.

The SL track uses the combination of both. The S track combined with the 4D rollers provide more precise massage for your back.

Heat Option

The heat options are available for lumbar and foot region. The heat provides warmth which can increases the blood flow, loosen the muscles, and enhance your massage experience.

Body Scan

The patented body scan technology present in this chair can track 540 acupressure points in the back and spine region. The shiatsu acupressure massage provide the most realistic massage ever.

Arm Massage 

The combination of Artificial intelligence and mechanics mimic the hand-like motion which can provide focused massage to your arms. The advanced technology recognizes the tensions in the muscles and massage accordingly without causing any pain.

Massage for the Feet

There are rollers present beneath your feet. It provides kneading massage while the airbags create compression and hold your feet firmly.

Kneading Massage for Calves

The air massages in the calf section moves in the circular motion – which resembles five finger motion. This circular motion along with the heat deeply relaxes the calf muscles.


The Bluetooth option allows you to listen to your favorite music and speak to someone while you are in a massage session.


Warranty – 3 year limited warranty and 5 year extended warranty

Dimensions – Net dimensions: Approx. 42×53(87) x 56(38) inch

Rated Time – 30 minutes

Weight – 350 lbs

Accessories – Tablet (10.1 inch), Power Cord, T-wrench

Recline – Flat bed recline


  • 4D massage rollers
  • Noise cancellation dome
  • Five finger hand massage
  • AI technology
  • Facial recognition
  • Shiatsu massage for neck
  • Gluteal massage


  • A bit expensive
  • Could have provided heat option for entire body

To sum up, Inada robo massage chair has a lot of advanced features that make it stand out from the rest of the products at this price range. If you are looking to invest your money for a product that lasts long and provides realistic massage to your body then you can consider this massage chair.