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The JSB MZ30 massage chair with airbag massage on shoulder, hands, calves and feet is a perfectly suitable chair for home and office. Its latest 3D technology with L track massage and zero gravity space saving design can facilitate the smooth blood flow and make you feel relaxed from swelling or stiffness in your joints, neck and shoulder.


  • 3-auto modes; This feature provides specific area massage as for example if you’re having a back pain, it has 8 rollers designed to provide you the relief from your back pain. You can even select a particular area of the body for various massage purposes.
  • Design and dimensions of the massage chair; It is designed in such a way that it won’t take a lot of space in your home or room. It is 42cm wide and 112 cm in height with 60 kg of weight and red color will enrich your body flexibility with loads of benefits.
  • Body sensors and a space saving technology; It will automatically detect your body shape by these sensors and give you that exact amount of pressure needed to cure your stress and body stiffness by providing you the desired massage.
  • Customized settings; You can set the temperature for the soothing heat relief and enjoy sitting in your comfortable place to feel the nature, the aesthetic calmness and can even watch a TV peacefully.
  • Easy to use; This chair can be used by old people who face regular body pain, swelling. It provides foot and ankle massage with airbags and roller.
  • With 120W power consumption with its kneading rollers and airbags that will ultimately relax you and your mind after a busy day.


  • It’s a budget friendly massage chair designed to fit anywhere in your home and office.
  • The airbag massage and roller massage help in circulating the blood throughout your body. As we all know how good blood circulation is necessary to a number of health benefits in our body so yes, it’s a big plus point of this chair.
  • It will provide you the necessary stretching required for your body.
  • The 8 dedicated rollers for back and neck massage works like a magic to you when you’ll use it.
  • In this recliner chair, there are options for you to choose different body parts separately.
  • This massage chair is very useful for elderly, diabetic, sickness, swelling and with poor blood circulation diseases.
  • It has 1-year warranty.


  • The chair is bit heavy to move it up and down to the stairs.
  • If you have some serious health issues it is advisable to use it only after taking permission from your doctor as it provides pressure massage and stretching sometimes that may not be that good for some people.


If you’re suffering from any kind of body pain, swelling or your body is turning out so rigid then, JSB MZ30 massage chair will provide you the flexibility, soothing warmness, muscle relief and many more swift massage experiences for your body parts. You should go for it.