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This new Kaspuro A900 massage chair can give a comfortable massage to your whole body. This chair squeezes your arms and legs so well with just one tap.

It has two types of rollers that can massage your foot and can also massage up to the base of your skull to give you a good massage. In this daily busy life which is full of stress, traumas, work and many other tensions, a good massage can help you relieve the muscle pain and anxiety.

This chair provides you with all comforts from your head to toe.


Zero Gravity & Space Saving:

It has zero gravity button that adjusts the optimal position of your feet by elevating it to 10 cm higher than your head. Alleviates the pressure on the vertebrae 20 cm higher than the heart effectively.

It also relieves you from the discomfort of back pain and improves your heart rate. Allows 3.94 inches between the shiatsu massager and wall. After starting, the chair body will slide forward to leave enough space for you.

Yoga massage:

When you start this function of yoga massage, the upper body and leg area get stretched with back area held by the massage chair.

Adjustable rollers:

The adjustable electric massage rollers which measures 1.57 inches to 8.27 inches are adjustable up to 3 levels for different shoulders.

SL Double Track:

The L track rollers connecting with ergonomics will glide from your neck to lower back. It provides a comfortable massage for full body and can scan automatically by detecting your body type and your body curves for a smooth massage.

It has all round rolling function which can effectively stimulate the plantar reflex zone to reduce your fatigue and also improve body’s immunity.

3D Robert hand:

The 3D Robert hand technology is applied in the A900 massage chair which combines your knocking, hitting, tapping and other several ways to massage.

6 Auto modes:

The chair has 6 automatic modes and a manual mode with which you can switch to various massage methods of your choice.

Full Body Airbag Massage:

The full body airbag massage is located in the seat, calf, feet, back that gives you a mesmerizing comfort while being on this massage chair.

Foot Roller & Leg Stretching:

This can be stretchable up to 4.72 inches to be a perfect fit for different body types and height. Its dual foot rollers provide an acupressure and reflexology therapy that gives you a deeper massage for your feet.

It is made up of good leather and has total 26 airbags with 5 motors.


  • The power consumption of the new Kaspuro A900 massage chair is 110 – 120 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
  • You can set its timing in different time modes such as 15, 20, 25, 30 min.
  • It is perfectly suitable for people having height up to 6.3 ft. and weight 440 lbs or less.
  • Its space saving design will be an ideal choice for your bedroom, living room, workplace. While starting, the chair will slide forward up to 3.94 inches near the wall. So, that you can easily put the chair anywhere.
  • It’s an auto massage chair and also comes with different massage programs.
  • A900 massage chair with 6 automatic modes and the airbags with the roller system will make you feel like 3 massage therapists are giving you massage for at least 30 mins.
  • It comes with an easy to set up guide. It is suitable for any age group and people at their old age can also use this chair.
  • This chair has Bluetooth connectivity through which you can enjoy your favorite music.


  • The product box is little heavy to be handled by one person.
  • Its foot roller is manual and may need to be pushed down while using to adjust the length.
  • The Bluetooth of the chair is of mediocre level but can be useful for many purposes.


Kaspuro A900 Massage chair is really comfortable with its best price and massages your whole body. It immediately gets start and performs massage functioning with no tantrums. It automatically sets itself in 6 different modes and the comfortable spongy airbags on the chair will give you good comfort.