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Lernonl Massage chair with full-body SL track that gives a vivid form of massage to your body. Its exquisite design with high-quality leather and zero gravity technology provides you with an embellished experience full of comforts and soothing relaxations to your mind and body.

The newest added technology in the massage chair such as 3D stimulated manipulator, wireless Bluetooth and other yoga stretching functions will balance your body.

Using a massage chair helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle by giving you a peace of mind whenever necessary.


Long SL Track:

It has a double SL curved track that can massage you from head to hip with its increased length. This is enough to reach the right position. It gets fit according to the curve of your body covering from the top and gives you a good massage.

Zero Gravity Technology:

Its zero-gravity feature machine stimulates the magical feeling of weightlessness in space. The more relaxed massage state naturally stretches the body parts and provides you with a comfortable as well as a relaxing massage.

Thai Stretching:

This chair has this unique quality called “Thai stretching” which enables your upper body and legs to get stretched to a great extent.

Built-In Bluetooth speaker:

The built-in Bluetooth speaker on both sides of the chair gives it a transfigure HIFI level sound immediately. So, now enjoy your HIFI level audio-visual feast.

Space Saving Design:

Its space-saving design and one key front slide with just about 2 inches between the wall and the massage chair. When you start the function, the massage chair will slide forward to leave enough space for you with its forward sliding mechanism.

This automatic zero gravity position starts with just one touch and you can start with your desired position.

Extendable leg rests with automatic induction and other adjustable functions:

It has extendable leg rest, vibrator, adjustable width with a 3D simulated manipulator. The automatic height matching for different persons with leg intelligent induction telescopic function.

The spring telescopic function upgrades it to automatic induction adjustment that is suitable for every member of the family.

Simple Button Operation:

One Button Operation with remote control is really easy to use. You can control all the features of the massage chairs with just a few clicks.

Airbags for full Body massage:

This feature provides you with full-body airbags compression massages such as for the neck, shoulder, arms, thighs, calves, and feet. There are also manual settings for airbag controls.


  • There are 3 levels of zero gravity angles. You can easily adjust a comfortable reclining angle with just one click.
  • Our heart and knees are in a horizontal line through which it can effectively reduce heart pressure and promotes blood circulation with an inbuilt arm linkage.
  • The chair has airbags all over the chair for a super body shiatsu massage.
  • It has a smart body scan that automatically detects your body size and its curves.
  • The 3D Robert hand technology is applied in the A900 massage chair by combining your hitting, tapping, and other ways to Massa.
  • It has different massage modes like kneading, tapping, knocking with its 6 auto programs such as relax, stretch, mild mode, strong mode, sleep, and healthy.
  • Its rolling function is very effective to stimulate the plantar reflex zone to reduce your tiredness and also helps in improving your immunity.
  • It looks lavish with its black color design.


  • Armrests need to be more rigid so that they cannot be taken apart.
  • The chair is heavy.


The Lernonl massage chair with zero gravity technology gives you comfortable reclining angles and a powerful massage of your choice. It also helps you in controlling your heart pressure and improves your blood circulation.

Airbags are provided for all your body parts to give an effective massage.

Lernonl is one of the leading brands in massage chairs and provides you with their best products based on trending technology. Although, you have these full lists of features and pros to make your mind, you have to decide what’s compatible for you.