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The Love pet classic fabric comfortable multifunctioning fishing chair can be used for multiple purposes and is also highly durable. The chair’s outer structure is made up of stainless steel and it can also be easily folded.
This chair is targeted at people who are interested in traveling or who would like to go on an adventurous activity like fishing, trekking, or camping.

Features of Lovepet Multifunction

  • Quality and dimensions: The product comes with many high quality accessories and the whole chair is manufactured with good quality standards. It is soft, comfortable and also has a thick large backpack with a metal revolver.
    The dimensions of the structure are 55 x 55 x 75 cm. There is also fish protection and a magnetic puller.
  • Convenience: Since the chair is foldable and is light in weight, it can be placed anywhere without using much space. It is also very convenient to carry and comfortable to sit.
  • Four back adjustments: The chair has 4 backrest adjustments with which you can lift the armrests. The backrest can also be adjusted at different angles and provides you with the best possible comforts.
  • Lift leg adjustments: The lift leg adjustments feature enables the legs to get adjusted by step-less lifting and can also be used in a compact space.
  • Detachable Seats: The seat surface is designed in such a way that it can be detached according to different seasons. It is suitable for all seasons and is durable for a long period of time.
  • Cup holder tray: It also provides you with a cup holder tray made of thick ABS engineering plastic material and there is also anti-fall wear that can prevent damage during accidents.


  • Diverse color designs to choose from.
  • Insulation bag to store fishing tools.
  • The shoulder strap design makes it comfortable to carry.
  • It can bear weight up to 150 kg.


  • There could have been more functionalities
  • Limited to rafting and fishing use.