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Who doesn’t like comfortable massages?

With a hectic schedule keeping us engaged, we don’t give a lot of movements to our body which in turn makes our muscles sore and tired. And we start yearning for a nice, good massage to relieve our pain and keep our blood flowing throughout the body.

It’s no longer necessary to visit the massage centers to experience the best magic of massage. Innovation and cutting-edge technology have enabled its creators to create the upgraded version of medical massage chairs to experience the best Thai massage at the comfort of your home. Luraco i9 medical massage chair comes with a lot of features that meet the need of our body parts beginning from head to toe.

Let’s look at some of the best features of this latest massage chair.

This product is US-made, to be specific, it is manufactured in Texas. This super comfortable chair is suitable for people measuring 4 feet to 6 feet in height and can withhold people weighing up to 300 pounds.

The Split S-L Track

Previously, the massage chairs contained either S or L track. But years of research incorporated into the making this particular chair ensure that one receives optimum satisfaction upon using it. This chair has a combination of S and L track which means it can give individualized attention to the head, spine, and legs.


Luraco i9 has 3D rollers attached to massage our hands, feet, calves, and soles. The best part is you could easily slide into this chair without much difficulty and adjust the settings based on depth, weight, and height – and you are good to go! The rollers are uniquely designed to release the knot in your tired muscles and give you a premium experience.

Heat therapy

One of the major advanced features is that Luraco offers heat therapy during the massage. The warmth combined with massage relaxes your mind, de-stress your body, and improves your flexibility on the whole.


The leather-bound cushion-like feature gives you extreme comfort while your entire body is stretched and massaged.

Touch control

Right from mobile phones to washing machines, we have touch screen facility available to increase the ease of use. So, to make this product user-friendly, the remote control was made to be a touch type. It has many settings that you can customize based on your needs. For example, the User Memory setting recognizes 5 different users – how cool it is! Once the weight, height, and width of your family members are recorded on the memory settings, it will automatically adjust the settings based on who sits in it so that you don’t have to change the setting each time someone uses it.


If you are super sore after a day, you can increase the level the intensity to relax your entire body. But if you are looking for a “smooth like butter experience”, you can change the setting to best suit your needs. The customizable setting enables the user to target specific body parts and also touches upon acupressure and reflex points.

Bluetooth speaker

Do you want to listen to relaxing music or speak to your loved one while your body is being massaged? The Bluetooth speaker feature makes things convenient for you so that you don’t have to get up in between the relaxing session to attend calls.

Blood pressure and heart rate monitor

Apart from the touch remote screen, blood pressure, and heart rate monitor help you to track your vitals. There is also an emergency supply attached to it so that even if there’s a power cut, it keeps the entire system going for an hour.

Different language options

The massage chair is a polyglot – it can understand 7 languages namely English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Korean.

Neutral body position

It has a true zero gravity facility embedded in it which keeps your body in a neutral position to relax your entire body during the massage.

Noise reduction technology

Unlike other massage chairs, Luraco massage chairs are designed in a way to reduce the noise that emerges from the chair to help your body and mind enjoy the silent ambience just like in those premium spas.

Leather bag pouch

You can keep your mobile phones or other belongings in the leather bag pouch that is attached to it this chair.

Microprocessor chip

You don’t have to wait for the chair to start 5 minutes after you sit in the chair! The high-speed microprocessor chip scans through your body to quickly start the massage.


The airbags attached in different locations are adjustable based on your shoulder and bicep measurements; it also targets your lower body by compressing your thighs and stretching them to give you a wholesome experience.

All these features have been meticulously added to this chair to optimize your well-being at the comfort of your home. Elderly people and people with disabilities can use this medical chair with much ease. The advanced features allow them to customize the settings targeting each body part.
This chair is available in three different colors such as black, cream, and chocolate brown. It takes approximately 1 hour to assemble the entire set. Although a machine, this chair aims to give a human-like experience to the users. It also comes with a 5-year warranty so that you can buy this masterpiece without hesitation.