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The truly innovative Luraco iRobotics with its 7th generation brings you all the novel aspects of technology. It also comes with different massage therapies, health benefits and many other entertainment features.

The iRobotics is a chair that is developed and assembled in U.S.A. It has proven health benefits and pain relief abilities designed to get the desirable demanding outputs.

This chair runs on an operating system with smart touch screen and it is also easy to set up. It has many levels of multi sectional customizable settings with music streaming. It also has health monitoring features that can measure blood pressure, heart rates and many more.


Smart touch screen:

The product has a smart touch screen similar to the smartphones and its very easy to use with a remote. This feature helps you to use the chair even at nights.

It has high quality Bluetooth speakers for smartphone music streaming.

Multi sectional / memory settings:

The iRobotics 7 plus provides you 5 personal user memory settings and 5 levels of multi sectional intensity controls.

It is based on intelligent sensors that can provide you an accurate body shape detection. There is also integrated health monitoring for blood pressure and heart rates measurements.

Noise reduction technology:

This facility leads you to the comfort that can lower the noise and hence making it the quietest chair in the market.

It provides 3 layered foot and calf massage.

Human voice response: It has amazing voice response settings that can easily be accessible in different languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish.

Zero gravity technology:

The latest zero gravity technology that will improve your blood circulation, increase the state of mindfulness and relaxation by providing you an overwhelmed comfy massage suitable for your body requirement.

9 auto preset programs:

It has preset programs and limitless customizable individual specified massage with which you can ping the specific massage area.

It has unique body and 2-position foot stretching with 100 air cells and 12 powerful motors based on True 3D robotic system with advanced control technology that will provide you superior lower back, neck and shoulder massage techniques.


  • This chair is made up of genuine quality leather and it’s really soft.
  • The Luraco iRobotics has a unique technology of body swivel with twist stretching. This helps in giving a good all-around massage.
  • There are diagrams for various body points. These diagrams help you to identify and choose settings according to your body requirements.
  • It will also provide you heat with 5 levels of intensity adjustments. This is a major plus point in winters and foggy nights. It works like both a warmer and a massager.
  • The advanced bottom foot massage with double rollers will help you increase your foot’s blood flow.
  • It has user height recommendations of up to 6.7 ft and weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • The chair is not for a specific age group or an individual. It comes with 5 personal user settings which can be beneficial for your whole family.
  • The chair comes with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty.
  • It has many adjustable timers from 5 to 30 mins with stylish colorful design.
  • You will be provided with a soft blanket, user’s manual and a tool kit for chair assembly.
  • It will provide you better sound sleep as its stretching is much more efficient and relaxing than it sounds. The chair with almost no noise and with great proven health benefits.


  • The chair is heavy to lift or move it to a different place.
  • More focus is given to hard massages compared to soft massages.


Luraco iRobotics massage chair gives you a complete package of a great massager and a soothing relaxing chair. The automated settings are based on latest trending technology.