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Relaxation is very important to deal with our busy day to day lives and also to lower our stress levels. A good massage chair is one of the best way to relax and get a peace of mind from outside world

Nouhaus Classic Massage Chairs are one of the best designed chairs. For it’s incomparable functionality and it’s level of comfort it was also been awarded with the Red Dot Award.

nauhaus massage chair features

It has excellent features like multiple setting control for full body or spot massage. The multiple settings and external remote let anyone do a spot massage on a sore spot and can get the joy of full body massage.

The functions of Nouhaus Classic Massage chairs are auto and manual. It includes Percussive, Straight Roll, Shiatsu kneading and also mixed massage.

  • S&L-Track Rollers Massage from neck to buttocks with 42 deep pressure kneads.
  • 4x Airbags massages Hips with on/off Function
  • 90 degree swivel and 15 degree reclining
  • removable neck pillow
  • External ottoman remote control and also a built in Bluetooth speaker.

The tapping function offers the relaxing tension relief of a fun percussive massage.

A series of rollers and airbags are positioned in all areas of the upper body that could beneficial from kneading and heat to melt away the knots and tension. This includes the neck region, entire back, your waist and glutes.

This chair stands around 20’’ tall from the ground to the seat. This offers enough height to actually pair with a standard 29’’high desk.

The Nouhaus is a professional grade massage chair that is also compact enough to double as a regular office chair when someone want to work and have massage together.

It is a portable massage chair that looks as good as it feels. It is available in different colors like blue, caramel, white and may more.

Easy to assemble
Best in class Neck Massages
Stylish and compact enough to use as an executive office chair
Comes with an ottoman to support your legs
Bluetooth Speaker
Has a massage function for the hip and waist.
S&L-Track Rollers Massage from Shoulders to Buttocks with 42 Deep Pressure Kneads.

Pricey compared to massage office chairs
Does not recline
Compact size not comfortable for larger people


The Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair is for those people who want to complement their decor and also who require moderate massage features.

Though compared to some other massage chairs, it is not under tight budget but depending upon it’s features the price of this chair is reasonable.