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With technology improving on a day-to-day basis, the products that we use are created with high-end technology and innovation. Massage chairs could be the most important discovery to provide ease and comfort to its users. We no longer have to visit spas and massage centers to give a much-deserved stretch and kneading to our body.

The innovative technology has brought the most features in one chair! Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair, as the name suggests, is an advanced smart chair that has a lot to offer to help you experience the best kind of massage. The massage chair can do wonders to your body by increasing the blood flow, compressing and stretching both the upper and lower body, and much more!


Let’s look at some of the important features that make the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair the best for the price charged for it.

Touch screen control

Unlike the traditional remote control options available in massage chairs, Ogawa uses the touch screen tablet for easy use. This feature allows the user to control and customize the entire setting option of the chair according to one’s need.

Ogawa was the first company to introduce a memory setting feature. Taking into consideration that the chair is mostly used by different people, the app on the tablet is designed to recognize different profiles stored in it and can provide you the massage you want at one touch. Spares a lot of time, doesn’t it? Once in it, you can enjoy uninterrupted 30 minutes of relaxing massage.


Ogawa is the standard S – type track. It doesn’t have SL hybrid option that many massage chairs tend to have these days. Nevertheless, for the price charged for it, this chair contains 3D rollers that target different body parts of the body to give you optimum comfort and satisfaction.
The dual roller system adjusts according to the curve of your spine and can give an in-depth massage. This feature can help you with the deep tissue massage as well.

Body scan chip

Ever wonder how the chair memorizes your body dimensions and provides massage accordingly? Well, the smart 3D body scan chip embedded in the rollers reads the height, width, and weight of different people and stores it in the app. This increases the accuracy of the massage points and gives you the perfect pressure to release tension in the muscles.

Intensity control

Sometimes you may not want to have high-intensity or low-intensity massages. The intensity control feature in it helps you to customize the settings and cater to the needs of the body. The one specialty about this control feature is – there are six intensity options provided in it. You can go from medium-high to low to high again at the touch of a screen.

Zero gravity facility

Zero gravity facility allows the chair to recline to a position where your knee comes above the heart level.
This accelerates the blood flow to the heart thereby taking off the pressure from the lower part of the body i.e. in the spine. NASA calls this a “weightless” concept and using such concept in the massage chair helps the user to have an elevated massage experience.

Different mode

There are two different modes available in this chair, one is spot mode and the other is partial mode. The spot mode immediately targets one muscle area that you select and provides extra attention there.
On the other hand, the partial mode allows you to choose hand, leg, or neck area and use rollers there until you feel the tightness removed.

Heat and vibration therapy

The heated facility along with vibration provided in the lumbar region complements the entire upper body massage experience.
While the heat option is not available for an entire upper, its concentration on the lumbar region is good enough to relax the body.

Air bags

The airbags present in this chair target your arms, calves, hands, feet, thighs, and shoulders. The second-generation airbag model stretches the targeted body parts and applies compression to make you feel light.

There is also an option to adjust the airbag compression intensity for hands, thighs, shoulders, etc.

Other features

Ogawa chair has other noteworthy options such as stretch options (Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.). It also contains a Bluetooth speaker and USB portal to charge your devices and listen to music while the chair rocks you to sleep.

Another additional feature is that it has a color therapy mechanism in the headrest area, which is expected to stimulate the brain’s chemical activities and make you feel more light and relaxed.


  • Touch screen tablet with a lot of customizable options
  • 64 Airbags targeting important and much-used body parts
  • Comparatively lesser than other models with the same features
  • 3D dual rollers
  • 3D body scan chip


  • Heat facility available only for the lumbar region
  • Non-adjustable heat facility


To sum it all up, the massage chair may have some cons, but considering other features it offers at the affordable rate, this is certainly the best option to have a wonderful body massage experience.