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The new Osaki OS-4000 Zero gravity executive full body massage chair will automatically detect your whole body and can adjust itself to give you a soothing and relaxing massage.

Osaki OS-4000 Full Body Massage Chair has many interesting features that work like a robot. It manages to work around in different areas and tries to provide you with good efficiency. The latest model color and design look good. It also comes with a stylish wooden, beige, brown, charcoal color design.

It’s comfort fabric, different modes, customizable settings, and adjustable enhanced technology with a remote for a better soothing massage for your whole body. It also provides massages that are specifically for a single area and we can also set hard massages according to our requirements.



It has a zero-gravity design that utilizes a set of S-shaped tracks with movable massage robots. It allows the chair to adjust from the back with a driven force on your neck, shoulders, and lumbar area. After this, the OS 4000 runs and gives you massage according to your body shape and curves.

  • The product dimensions are 132.08 x 78.74 x 86.36 cm and weight 21.91 kg.
  • Osaki OS-4000 comes with some astonishing features like 2 stage zero gravity positioning that is inspired from NASA with the best warranty in the market.
  • The chair looks authentic with its beautiful wooden and brown color design with such good quality, solid design and better fit components.

Customizable Settings:

The chair has four presets that you can use at any time which includes circulation and relaxation. There are subsets that you may choose when needed like Back and Lumbar. It has 5 levels of speed and intensity for the various massages of the foot, arm, hips, back, and shoulder.

Important Modes and Specifications:

It has Zero Gravity mode for complete relaxation. This mode somehow puts you on a horizontal position. It also provides auto-timer setting from 5 mins to 30 mins and is very easy to use.


It has upgraded PU covering for increased durability and comfort for you with six unique pre-set programs.

It comes with a large LCD display remote, wireless remote and also provides you seat vibration massage for you to just have some refreshments while doing nothing and sitting idle in your house or office.

S-shaped Tracking:

S-shaped spine curvature is uniquely designed so that it allows the roller heads to massage the back smoothly starting from the neck down and to even lower with a constant pressure along your body.


  • The chair is really comfortable and is a good quality product that one can even sit on it for long hours without any discomfort.
  • The Zero G mode ensures that at least 23” of free space will be there behind the chair.
  • The chair reclines to the maximum and gives you a nice massage. It is hard enough to calm you and make you feel relaxed.
  • With its extraordinary realistic specifications that works like wow. Its enhanced technology will automatically detect the whole body curve. The chair can also make micro adjustments to give you the most suited massage for your body.
  • It comes with many high-end features.
  • It has 1-year warranty for parts or labor and 2 & 3 years warranty for part only.
  • The airbag massagers is upgraded by reducing the number of valves and airbags. The surface coverage has also been increased.


  • 1 remote control with limited sensitivity and has only basic features. So, if you want it working for a longer time you have to target it very precisely.
  • The main control board is mounted on a metal stuff that seems very unstable and is hard to operate.
  • The assembling manual is out of date.
  • The product is heavy.


The Osaki massage chair is equipped with rollers, body type scanning, zero modes and gravity with an enhanced upgraded technology that provides you a more precise massage hitting with highly advanced self-adjust features. This chair will be the best suited for your home.