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Osaki brand and Titan brand are a part of OTA World and they are a well-known customer-centric brand that focuses on providing the best massage experiences through their innovations and inventions.
Their latest addition Osaki OS Hiro LT 3D massage chair uses Japanese technology. There are 3 available colors to chose from black, brown, and taupe.


Let’s look at some of the coolest features that this chair offers.

3D Airbag sensors

The basic function of the airbag is to inflate and deflate thereby providing compression to the targeted body parts to increase blood circulation.
There are 14 airbags in this chair for arms, shoulders, feet, and calves. Unlike other massage chairs for this range, it comes with a position sensor to aptly massage the targeted body parts and provides a massage that helps in removing body ache.

Zero-gravity Recline

The “weightless” concept was developed by NASA, based on the zero gravity in space. The chair reclines to a zero-gravity position and elevates your knee above your heart level.
It takes off pressure from the spine and your entire body weight is on the backrest of the chair. During this position, the blood flow increases in the chest area and gives you the most relaxing and rewarding massage to ease your body from any physical discomfort.


The Bluetooth is attached near the headrest area to enhance your massage experience. You can connect your phone or other devices to it and listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or even make or receive calls without having to get up during the session.

Track Design

There are 3 different track designs used in the massage chairs. The S track is predominantly used to fit to the natural curve of your spine.

The L track is similar to the S track but it goes beyond the lower back area and extends to gluteal and hamstrings areas. Osaki uses the combination of both these track designs, i.e. SL track, to optimize the massage done at the back part of our body.

Body Scan

The body scan technology provided in this chair scans your body position especially your neck and shoulder areas and adjusts the rollers to apply proper pressure in those areas.

Since the massage chairs are used by more than one person, this feature comes in handy to detect the height and weight of a person’s body, before starting the massage.

Brushless Motors

Osaki has incorporated brushless motors into their massage chairs, these motors are made with the help of Japanese technology.

Traditional motors use a lot of electricity and provide fewer speed modifications, On the other hand, Osaki provides high-quality performance with comparatively less consumption of electricity.

The brushless motors ensure to give smoother and quieter massage sessions. These motors have also been tested and proven to increase the life span of the chair.

USB Connector

In addition to other technological features provided by this brand, there’s a USB connecter near the armrest area to charge your mobile phone, tablet, and other USB devices.

You can easily listen to songs on Bluetooth and charge your gadget at the same time!

Compact Design

When the chair is in the upright position, it may not take up a lot of space at your home. But if you want to recline your chair to a zero-gravity position, the dimensions of your chair extends covering much space in your room.
So, considering the fact that not everybody is blessed with ample space to accommodate the chair, Osaki has designed the chair to slide forward when you recline it. This prevents the chair from taking up too much space.

Light Therapy

Chromotherapy lighting was specifically designed to de-stress and balance our minds. Osaki has attached these lights to the side of the chair to relax you better. This light along with the massage would amplify your massage experience.

Foot Rollers

We all need some extra care for our feet as it carries the entire weight of our body all day long. Reflexology is a foot massage given to revitalize your tired feet.

In addition to the airbags located at the feet and calves area, this chair has foot rollers at the footrest area, that provide foot reflexology massage.

The massage involves a combination of acupuncture and kneading methods to give the much-needed care for our feet.

Leg Scan Technology

The auto leg scan technology located at the footrest area reads your height to place your leg in a correct position. All you have to do is press the scan area slightly to either extend or retract the leg position. If not, you could also use the remote control to adjust the length.

3 Core Processor

This chair has 3 core processor design incorporated in it to quickly respond to the commands given by the user. It also ensures a smooth transition when multiple users use the chair.

Other Specifications

Body Weight Limit– 260 lbs

Dimension – 54.7″L x 31.3″W x 51.2″H when upright; 79.2″L x 20.1″W x 23.4″H when reclined.

Manufacturing Country – China

Upholstery – Synthetic fabric

Heat Option – Lumbar region

Remote Control – Button type

Auto Programs – 8

Time Setting – 5 – 30 minutes

Massage Types – 6 (Clapping, Kneading, Shiatsu, Swedish, Tapping, Rolling)


With 3D airbag sensors, zero-gravity recline, and other advanced features, the Osaki OS-Hiro LT massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available in the market. You could invest in this chair and have a superior massage experience from the comfort of your home.