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In this era, the people are getting too much stressed and anxiety levels are very high. A good massage chair can give a temporary relief to these issues.

So, relaxation is so much important for this generation and a good massage can give one this relaxation. But in today’s market there is a huge numbers of massage chair brands and so it is very much difficult for one to choose which one gives a luxurious relaxation.

Real Relax has launched Favor-03 PLUS Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair for a very reasonable price. The Favor-03 PLUS has various features like zero gravity design which has 8 massage rollers as well as elegant massage therapy.

There is also a built in heater as well as a superior armrest link system.

It also provides the arms a comfort zone, vibration in seat which can boost metabolism, footrests or ottoman which gives a support for feet and also the remote system helps you to change the angle and position easily.

  • Massage timer that can help you to set your times as you want
  • Advanced high definition VFD display screen
  • 4 auto programs with varied massaging speed
  • Strength or Manual program
  • Detailed user manual to provide fast and uncomplicated assembly
  • 440.9 pounds of weight capacity.

It is mainly available in three colors which are black, khaki and brown.

The 8 back massage rollers to massage back, full-body airbag, Bluetooth, heating for lower back and feet.

The voltage consumption of Real Relax Favor-03 PLUS is AC 120V 60Hz, power:20-230 Watts, package weight:200 pounds, UPC:713382203708.

It contains 50 airbags, those airbags are placed for all parts of the body i.e arms, hips, lower back, shoulder and feet.

The built in heater helps you to promote blood circulation at lower back region.

The airbags compress and squeeze the tight calves muscles and rollers tap roll under the feet to relive them from stress and pain.

Also, the chair has 6 auto modes including relaxation, sleep, neck, stretch, sport and waist.

Real Relax Favor Massage Chair
Zero Gravity
Heat Therapy
FDA- registered
Music system
Built in heater
Seat vibration
Can handle heavy users
3D robot hands
Thai stretch
Thai scraping feet massage
Armrest linkage
Incredible value for money
50 airbags makes this a compression intense massage chair
Could have more options
Short track design
6’11’’ weight limit
Static massage heads are not the best at giving a back massage

The biggest improvement over this massage chair is the arm linkage design because the opening to the arm slot is horizontal. It makes it difficult for the arms to stay in and This is a with great chair with exceeding functionalities.


In tight budget if one wants a basic massage chair then the Real Relax Favor-03 PLUS would be the best option to choose from. The Zero gravity and air massage are exciting features at this price level.

The usage of remote is also very easy as it has a VFD screen which is clear. Assembling the chair together is also very simple.