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The new Smagreho 2020 full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair comes with Bluetooth, zero gravity and guaranteed comfort at a affordable price.

This massage chair will provide you with a vivid range of luxury from heating to full body massage. Its an ultimate choice to be with fully assembled compact massage chair providing you witheasy to use functions.

Its Bluetooth will enable you to enjoy your favorite music, calm song tunes can also help you in relaxing your mind and can provide you with good comfort.


Design and Technology:

The ergonomic massage chair material is faux leather with a soft pinch of khaki color. The armrest linkage system design and the arms feel more comfortable while reclining.

Bluetooth player:

The Bluetooth player gets connected to your phone and can play your favorite music, bhajans and FM Radio while giving you a soothing massage at the same time.

Zero Gravity:

Its zero gravity design influences after fully reclining with just one tap on the feature. The feet are higher than the heart helps you to reduce the full body’s pressure on gravity. The burden on the heart gets reduced enhancing the massage effect which helps you to feel the real joy of massage at a more satisfactory level.

Lower Back Heating:

The massage chair has built-in waist heater that gives you warm soothing massage to calm your waist pain. It also helps you in many health-related issues by improving blood circulation in your body.

Footrest Extendable feature:

This feature allows 4.3 inches extended property of footrest with which any person of any height can use this chair very smoothly.

Foot Roller Massage:

It has foot roller scrap massage which helps in relieving foot pain and swelling with its adjustable foot roller massage speed.

Eight fixed points massage chairs:

8 back rollers for different types of massages to relax your shoulders, back, waist.

Airbags for full body massage:

The airbags will massage your full body with its spongy soft bags that can help with healing for your shoulders, arms, hips, calves and foot. It has 8 rollers to the backrest with lower back heating.


  • It comes with 3 boxes and a user guide which will guide you from every miner details of the product so that you don’t have to run here and there or search different sites on how to use and other thing about this chair.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The Bluetooth feature is just amazing with the unmatchable comfort of airbags.
  • The massage chair is really great with its zero-gravity technology that can increase your blood flow and can help you relax.
  • It will make you stress free, tension free with no anxiety, no muscle pain, no foot pain, no headache, no joint pain and no more pain killers that are actually really harmful for your health.
  • It promotes blood circulation which is a major plus point in today’s life to consider. As we all know the root cause of so many diseases such as BP, heart rate, migraines and many other health related issues that are so much influenced by our poor blood circulation.
  • It looks so classy with its khaki color design and also has adjustable settings.
  • You can set the massage timings for various massages of your neck, shoulders, foot, arms, back, head, chest and others with time duration of 10 to 30 mins.


  • It doesn’t have much of a bass.
  • The heating pad of the chair may take time.
  • The wheel axle is bent so you have to unbend it yourself in order to attach the wheels.


The new Smagreho 2020 full body electric zero gravity shiatsu massage chair comes with a great deal price in comparison to so many other massage chairs, it provides wholesome no of features with upgraded technology.

It has so many benefits as well as stylish looks. From providing you a soothing massage to having a stylish and elegant design. It adds much more shine to your home décor.