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The word zero gravity might sound a bit complicated, but it’s actually much simpler than you think. The zero-gravity concept was introduced by NASA, and it is otherwise known as the “weightless” concept.

We all know that space doesn’t have gravity in it, which makes things float around without any directions. Any living being in space, wouldn’t feel its weight due to the absence of gravity.

Only gravity makes us feel our weight. Astronauts who leave gravity-bound Earth to zero-gravity space would go through a lot of difficulties to reach the destination.

The foremost problem they face during the launching of the rocket is that their bodies go through extreme pressure. In the long run, this high level of pressure might cause them some health complications. In order to alleviate the pressure they are going through, they are placed in a zero-gravity position, where their knee is above the heart level.

This ensures that the pressure is taken off from their spine, and the heart starts pumping blood effectively to all parts of the body. It helps them to relax and reduce the pressure and stress they are going through during the rocket launch.

The zero-gravity feature has been widely used by almost all massage chair manufacturers, as it has been proven to deepen the massage and improve your physical and mental well-being. Only expensive chairs used this feature back then, but now 1200$ massage chairs also offer this feature. It only shows that people are expecting more comfort and healing during the massage session.

How does a Zero-gravity Work in a Massage Chair?

Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs have a fully reclining position feature, this feature lifts your knee above your heart level. Your entire body then rests on the backrest, which has 3D rollers and airbags.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The benefits that we gain from the zero-gravity position are significant. Let’s understand more about these benefits in detail

1. Better Blood Circulation

Our health has a direct relation to proper blood circulation. Physical exercises are the best way to let our blood flow to all parts of our body.

But not everyone has an option to do exercise, especially if they are old, have joint problems, or have arthritis. Such being the case, using a good massage chair is the best option.

So when the person adjusts themselves to be in a zero-gravity position, the pressure to flow to the lower body stops. Hence, the blood circulation reaches the entire body evenly.

In addition to that, the massages (kneading, tapping, rolling, etc.) done in that position becomes an added advantage.

2. Decreased Pressure on the Spine

Sometimes medications may not even reduce the pain or pressure in the spinal area. In those situations, a zero-gravity chair might help in relieving pain for people with lower back problems.

When we lift our knees above the heart level, it takes the pressure off from our spine. Your body reaches the “weightless” position and the blood rushes to that spot, thereby relaxing the muscles in that area.

When oxygenated blood flows to that area, it also carries all essential nutrients and vitamins, which could reduce the inflammation and the pain persisting in the spine.

Regular use of a zero-gravity massage chair with advanced massaging options can help in managing the pain.

3. Reduces Swelling in Legs

Legs carry the entire weight of our body. An exhausting day at work could increase the pain in our legs and can cause swellings.

It could be even worse if the person has varicose veins – a condition where the blood doesn’t flow properly and stagnates in the vein thereby causing swelling and pain.

Since the zero-gravity position lifts the legs above your heart level, it starts the dissemination of blood gathered in the swelling areas and eases the pain.

If you want the best massage options for feet and calves alone, you could also use the advanced foot rollers and airbags that provide acupuncture and kneading massage to the targeted areas.

4. Optimum Relaxation

A zero-gravity position doesn’t take the weight off of your body alone, it also takes the weight off from your mind.

When you experience increased blood flow and reduction in pain, your mind would automatically start to relax.

The massage combined with zero gravity position is proven to put you in a relaxing mood – sometimes even to sleep. The de-stressed mind also prevents you from having life-risking mental health complications.

If your job involves more mental work, try relaxing on a zero-gravity massage chair and experience could reduce your stress.

5. Lungs can Breathe Better

Sitting in a zero-gravity chair reduces the pressure of the lungs on our diaphragm muscles. This in turn could allow your lungs to expand to its full capacity.

With increased capacity, our lungs can intake more oxygen and can function better. The oxygen is then supplied to the rest of the body.

If you have breathing-related problems, this zero-gravity position could improve your breathing condition and can also help in regularizing it.

6. Relaxes the Muscles

Overexerting ourselves at work could have a negative impact on our muscles. For the most part, it could create tensions and soreness in our muscles.

With such ailments, we would feel like dragging ourselves to work every day. So, if we start using a zero gravity chair for our relaxation, the increased blood flow and the specialized massage done to our body will help relax our muscles, and also help in removing the knots or tensions in the muscles.

7. Lymphatic Drainage

The human body has toxins in the blood. How do toxins get into our bodies? Through the various gateways, such as the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and many more.

The main purpose of lymph nodes is to drain the toxins from our body. If the lymph nodes don’t do their duty properly, the toxins in our body can get accumulated which could lead to severe health complications. Matters such as these cannot be taken lightly.

This is more or less a natural process, but sometimes external assistance could help drain the toxins much faster.

The zero-gravity position makes our blood spread evenly and effectively all throughout our body. It also helps the lymphatic system drain the toxins that have been accumulating in our body.

The more toxins removed from our body, the more our blood gets purified.

8. Improves Flexibility

The zero-gravity position forces our body to be in a flexible position, this helps in increasing the flexibility of our spine and other parts of our body.

9. Improved Immunity

The White blood cells in our body play an important role in fighting against diseases. The less count of WBC could make you catch diseases quite easily.

The strength of our immune system depends on our WBC count. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables is not the only way to strengthen our immune system, regular massage sessions in a zero-gravity position can also help in increasing the production of lymphocytes. Which in turn can help in strengthening our immune system.

10. Enhances Heart Health

We all are aware of the basic function of our heart, which is to properly pump blood to different parts of our body.

If it doesn’t carry out its basic function, it leads to various heart-related diseases. It is hard to spot someone above 40 years of age without any cardiac issues. Globally, cardiac issues have been claiming more lives.

People with heart issues are forced to rely on medications for the rest of their lives. Heart specialists insist on taking good care of our heart health. There are many ways to do that, one among them is to use a zero-gravity massage chair.

The pressure to flow blood to the legs is avoided in a zero-gravity position, this enables the heart to function better and increases our blood circulation. Such a process may prevent you from a lot of heart health complications.


To sum up, zero-gravity massage chairs prove to be a great substitute to keep your body and mind healthy. We can see from the above points the benefits we get from using a massage chair that has a zero-gravity feature.