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Every one of us is a victim of muscle soreness, body stiffness, fatigue, foot pain, neck and shoulder pain, etc.

These problems get intense after a hard day at work. All we could think of is to relax in a quiet place to take our mind off of everything or visit spas to get the much-needed care and attention our body deserves.

But we know that not everybody can do that; making an appointment with your masseuse or traveling can be difficult for us sometimes.

Then, what’s the solution? We need to look out for something that would help in relaxing our body, de-stressing our mind, increasing our blood circulation, and removing any tensions built in our muscles – all at the comfort of our home.

Well, then the short answer to that is we need to use massage equipment. Thanks to new innovations, science, and technology, there are different massaging devices available in the market.

You have a variety of brands to choose from for your neck pain, muscle soreness, foot pain, etc. Out of many massage equipment, we have picked 8 devices that are popularly used by most people.

These devices effectively massage the targeted body parts and provide you instant relief from the tension your body has been going through.   

1. Electric Back Massager

Back pain could be a troublesome issue for many people. While other body parts can be massaged on our own, we need someone’s help to massage our back.

This is where the electric back massagers come in handy. These chairs resemble an outer layer of seat cover of the car and are portable.

The ergonomic design in this kind of massage chair makes this chair user-friendly and you could use it on your sofas, chairs, couches, etc.

Many chairs available in the market have both basic and advanced options. For example, Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager have more top-notch features to improve the overall functionality of your back.

In general, most electric back massagers come with so many features such as 3D and 2D shiatsu massaging options, heat and vibration, and compression to give you a perfect massage experience.

The heat combined with vibration could stimulate blood circulation thereby relieving you from pain and discomfort. The 3D and 2D shiatsu massage option has massaging nodes that mimic finger pressure, this pressure could reach the tissues of your back and can help in releasing the knots in your back.

You also could also customize the options to target your upper back, lower back, or full back. The intensity levels can also be adjusted.

If you are looking for non-electrical back massagers, you could go for foam rollers. It’s so simple and easy to use. All you have to do is place the roller on the floor, then place your back on the roller, and roll back and forth. This may not be effective as electric back massagers, but certainly a more affordable option for people who travel.

2. Electric Foot Massager

Keeping your feet healthy is indispensable because our feet have important nerve connections with the rest of the body parts.

Since it carries us our entire body weight, our feet are highly prone to soreness, stiffness and pain. There are many people who give special care and attention to their feet, by going to a reflexology session.

Reflexology is a thorough massage session specifically targeted for the feet to improve blood flow and relax your soles.

These sessions usually include kneading, pressing, rolling, squeezing, scraping, etc. Innovation has paved the way for mankind to incorporate all such features in a machine.

Yes, many electric foot massagers come with a variety of options, for example, the RENPHO Foot massager comes with those options as well as many other advanced options.

It has a heat option with adjustable intensity levels and can be used by people having foot size up to 12. The detachable foot sleeves can be washed to keep the massager hygiene for next use.

To keep your feet healthy, all you have to do is use one of these easy-to-use foot massagers to revitalize your feet.

There are also non-electrical foot massagers available. For example, the TheraFlow foot massager is made up of durable wood and comes with acupressure points for both feet.

It has so many positive reviews on Amazon and could be a good choice if you are looking for a simple yet effective foot massage roller.

3. Hand Massager

Hands deserve special care too. The main objective of a hand massager is to increase the blood flow in your hands and reduce any swelling or pain formed due to improper flow of blood.

There are many acupuncture-specific, non-electrical hand massagers available in the market. For example, the acupuncture ring finger resembles a wiry ring and focuses only on your finger.

Electric hand massagers like Breo comes with air pressure, heat option, and acupuncture-specific massage.

You can also apply some essential oil or cream and insert your hand into the device to provide extra care for the skin of your hand.

The warm compression ensures to absorb the cream well and massaged with different levels of intensity. Devices like these become an ideal option for people with arthritis, and cold and sweating hands.

4. Pulse Massager

Pulse massagers look similar to that of a mobile, but it comes with different features to stimulate blood and ease the pain that you might be experiencing in your body.

Unlike other massaging equipment, pulse massagers are small, portable, and much easier to use. In pulse massagers, the device uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology to send a small amount of electric current in the affected areas.

The electric current passes to our body through self-adhesive conductive reusable pads. In Belifu Dual Channel Tens EMS unit, there are 10 adhesive reusable pads given. This feature varies with each brand.

The adhesive pads can be used anywhere on your body. The other advanced features of Belifu include 16 preset program modes for pain and muscle relaxation.

It also comes with 20 different intensity levels that let the user make the massage more intense or smooth.

The remote control for these kinds of massagers uses microcomputer intelligent control technology and is easy to use. If you don’t want to visit the hospital for muscle spasms and other body-related pain, a pulse massager could come in handy.

5. Massage Chairs

If you are someone who is looking for all in one package, then a massage chair is the best deal. Massage chairs are the most convenient way of giving full body massage.

The massage chairs are designed in such a way that they would make you feel like receiving a massage from an experienced masseuse.

Thanks to advanced technology! The most common features that almost all massage chairs have are footrest, S or L or SL track design, rollers, airbag compression, zero-gravity recline, heat and vibration, Bluetooth, USB connectors, chromotherapy, different massage modes, body scan technology, and noise-cancellation technology.

Some of these features are found only in high-end models. You could check the Real relax massage chair that has more of these features.

Massage chairs ranging from 5,000$ to 7,000$ dollars have more reliable features. Chairs around 12,000$ have even more advanced options that could relax your entire body effectively in a 30 minutes session.

The only major difference between massage chairs and other massaging devices is the size! It requires a lot of space especially if the chair has a zero-gravity reclining position. Nevertheless, this is one of the best options for people looking full body massage experience.

6. Acupuncture Mats

These mats are similar to yoga mats but it comes with so many acupressure points to remove body stiffness or muscle tension.

These tiny spike-like acupressure points release endorphins in your body and which in turn eases or reduces the pain.

ProSourceFit Acupressure Mat comes in different colors and is made up of 100% cotton. These mats don’t cover your entire body. You can use the foam mat for your upper body.

They also provide a pillow along with the mat to be used for your neck. Lying on the floor has a lot of benefits to your body, using this mat for 10-30 minutes each day could do wonders for your body.

It increases your energy, improves blood circulation, de-stresses your mind, and relaxes your upper body. You can also use this mat by placing it on your chair, but not sure how effective it can be.

7. Leg Massager

Many people are prone to spasms in the calf and ankles areas. Foot massagers will not concentrate on legs.

So, leg massagers become the reliable option as they can cover the muscle below our knee. Not all leg massagers are lengthy, some are short, some have a separate band for knee caps.

The main component of the leg massager is airbag compression. These airbags come with heat options to warm up your body to facilitate the massage.

For example, Quinear leg massager comes with different massage techniques, two level of heat options, three massage modes, and three massage intensities to promote blood circulation in the leg area.

The Velcro design in it allows you to easily adjust the wrap and can be used by different people. So, if you are just looking for an intense massage after a heavy leg workout, a leg massager should be your go-to option.

8. Massager for Neck and Shoulders

Neck cramps and shoulder muscle injuries are very common among people of all ages. Most of us are using our mobile phones, laptops, and computers all day long and they contribute to most of the neck problems we have.

Under such circumstances, all we could desire is a relaxing massage just for our necks and shoulders.

TruMedic neck and shoulder massager has adjustable wraps that you can wear around your neck. You can experience shiatsu massage with various intensities and heat options.

The neck massager can provide immediate relief to your neck and shoulder. This device also helps in loosening your muscles. It can also be conveniently used for a long period of time.


All these massage devices make our life much easier in this hectic world. Having these devices at home would prompt you to spend some healthy time.

Just 10 to 30 minutes a day could do a lot of changes to your body. You have a lot of devices and brands to choose from, pick the one that you want to use the most and experience the improved physical and mental state.